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Pricing of the Stents used in Angioplasty would now reduce to Rs.7260


Change in Today’s lifestyle and heavy and unregulated use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in farming is impacting the health and there is a significant increase in High BP and Heart trouble patients day by day. In the majority of the Heart abnormality cases, patients are been advised for angiography and further advised to angioplasty. The stents used in angioplasty cost min Rs. 1 Lakh, which results in the total hospitalization bill of Rs.5 Lakh. Knowing these facts, In the Public Interest, MP Gajanan Kirtikar has requested Central Health Minister to Jagatprakash Nadda To govern the pricing of cardiac stents under “Drug Price control-2013” so that the Stents cost would be affordable to common man 0n 13 Jan 2017. Central Government’s National Medicine price controlling authority has immediately accepted this plea and issued circular to reduce the prices of stents by 85%. Thereby now the metal stains would be available at Rs.7260/- and BVS stains to Rs.29600/-. This will really help numerous needy patients across India.

We are also thankful for the kind attention and action taken by Hon Central Health Minister Shri Jagatprakash Nadda.

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