Gajanan Kirtikar

वेबसाईट मराठीतून पहा

About Myself

1In real sense I belong to this city, this city Mumbai, and that too from the heart of Mumbai – Girgaum. As a child I grew in the lanes of Girgaum- Mumbai, leaning and imbibing the cultural, social ways in the life of a Mumbaikar’.

In 1964 I found employment in the Reserve bank of India as a coins and note examiner. Though employed I had the zeal to study further and complete my degree and so I pursued my studies, I obtained a Degree in Arts from the University of Mumbai in 1970. My family principles, my teachers in school and college had a great influence on my thoughts and my ideologies; I was further influenced by the books and novels that I liked to read. There was always a strong calling within me towards social issues, and during this time I would closely follow all meetings and gathering called for the revolutionising Maharashtra. Nav Shakti, Navakal, and Maratha were a few dailies that I would abreast myself with. I would always admire the writing of Shri Prabhodhankar Thackeray, Acharya Aatre, and Nilu Khadilkar. Knowing-unknowing all these factors were influencing me, my thoughts and paving a way for me towards taking up social causes, joining the revolution.

At the time Mumbai had seen the migrant south Indian population command all government jobs and officer cadre jobs, I always felt disheartened and anguished with that thought, it was at that time that Balasaheb through his cartoon campaign The MARMIK had given the Marathi manoos the much required inspiration to fight for his right… I was inspired too.

And till date I continue to do so.

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